Home ownership is a great way to build financial security. After 25 years, you could own a house that is paid off, and has likely increased in value significantly, or you could have paid a lot of money in rent and have nothing to show for it.

For First Time Home Buyers, I offer solutions to help clients get a down payment, which for many is the biggest obstacles to buying a house. Even if you have no money saved today, with verifiable income and good credit, you could be in your own house in less than 4 months by following a plan.

I also show first time home buyers how to reduce of eliminate thousands and ten of thousands of dollars in fees to CMHC for mortgage default insurance.

In Canada, the amount you can borrow is based on your income. I have lenders that include all income types (self employed, hourly, salary, bonus, child tax credit, etc.) which can help you get approved for larger amounts than with your bank.

With no down payment – borrowers could get approved for purchase of

$110,000 Income ===> $515,000 Purchase
$140,000 Income ===> $665,000 Purchase
$170,000 Income ===> $815,000 Purchase
$200,000 Income ===> $965,000 Purchase

Call me 416-769-1440 or email kevin@directionmortgage.ca with any questions about the Home Buyers Plan to see if this is the right solution for you.