Real Estate Investing

Rental Properties are One of the Best Investment Vehicles Available Today.

However, the challenges of financing the purchase of an investment property can make it difficult to take advantage of this opportunity. Most lenders will discount rental income when considering your net income on mortgage applications, which makes it harder to qualify. We have solutions to this problem.

Our team has exclusive access to the only lenders in Canada to grant mortgage approval based on net worth (not net income).

We should show you how to make more of your mortgage interest tax deductible, now and over time.

Smart Borrowing Strategies to Reduce Your Taxes Now and Over Time.

To deduct your mortgage interest from your taxes, your must satisfy two requirements:


  • You must purchase an investment with the money that you borrow. This could be an investment property, a new business, stocks, bonds, etc.
  • You must be able to show that your investment is generating income. This could be rent from a property, business revenue, or interest from investments.

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I must admit, it’s refreshing and delight to see somebody take care of my refinancing and close transactions without any hiccups. Kevin and Zana both showed a superior workmanship and delivered more than what they promised. Thanks to both of you and keep it up !!

Manish Lalwani

Kevin is very passionate and knowledgeable about investments, taxes and mortgages. He truly cares about finding his clients the best solution for their financial situation and has extensive experience in the financial space. He is professional and trustworthy!

Tricia Kopec

Working with Kevin and Team was an absolute pleasure. I connected and trusted him with my data after 3 years of follow-up. It was one of the best financial decision of 2021. In a long call where I described my financial situation and goals, we agreed with the plan. Soon enough, he renewed my mortgage as per our agreement. I highly recommend Kevin & Co. for a ethical and profession relationship.

Kishor Kumar